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Glass repair and replacement

Glass for beach buggies

Pictures of buggies from the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Buggy VisitImage courtesy of Peter's Buggy Site

Beach buggies are immense fun and loved by their enthusiastic owners, but to keep safe it's important to avoid using cheap alternatives like household laminate, plate or non-windscreen standard agricultural or automotive laminate.   It only takes a rock or stone flying at speed to penetrate a windscreen, so always ensure that your windscreen has a kitemark to guarantee its quality.  

At Autoglass® Specials we only fit the best quality glass to ensure that you're safe and ready for the road, track or dunes.  Whilst some newer builds may have an OE windscreen available, many require a windscreen that can be cut and installed at your home.  Our specialist technicians are trained to cut glass to fit any size and we can even produce toughened automotive quality body glass from a pattern for owners who have modified their buggy.

So, if you need a new windscreen or are unsure about the quality of your current one, please call 0800 413 044 and one of our expert advisors will be happy to help you.

And, we can even help you with glass for golf buggies too!

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